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The scope of our service, designed in the Platform as a Service model, provides you with fully dependable IT infrastructure, as well as with administration and maintenance support - throughout the entire cooperation period.

It is also a more cost-effective and reliable alternative compared with the expansion of your own resources. The solution makes it possible to reap the benefits of using specially designed rooms and IT hardware devices with no need to purchase them or to direct your employees to perform administrative and maintenance tasks in the shared environment.

A great advantage of our offer is that we maintain strong cooperation and partnering agreements with the largest telecom operators and IT hardware providers in Poland and around the world.

What can your company gain by choosing Comarch Hosting?

  • A hardware platform hosted in a Comarch Data Center (server and network layer) suited to your needs
  • All required, optimally adjusted external licenses
  • Protection of the environment and data
  • A wide range of services
  • A backup service
  • Round the clock monitoring and surveillance of system elements, with a guaranteed response/issue resolution time (different SLAs)
  • High accessibility of the service in 24/7 mode
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • A single point of contact (ERP and IT environment)


What exactly is included in Comarch Hosting?

Comarch Data Centers guarantee that the services rendered will be of the highest quality, which has been proved by multiple client references. The services are based on current standards and advanced hardware architecture. The infrastructure is protected from power loss by dedicated power supply devices which turn on automatically when a power interruption is detected. Comarch Data Centers are also provided with systems guaranteeing air conditioning, environment monitoring, access control, and intrusion detection.

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