Cloud Computing
Cloud computing (cloud) is a type of business model which provides IT as a service via Internet. It allows using software, storing data and running a company without the need to install additional applications on a computer. Owing to the cloud, we can now use e-mail and social networks and, at the same time, settle payments with customers, issue invoices, create backup copies and sell our products from any place in the world.
VIII 2007
We enter e-commerce market - Comarch Webshop is launched
VIII 2009
First customers start making backups of their data using Comarch IBARD
IV 2012
Premiere of the new program for managing small enterprises - Comarch ERP XT
194,000 companies already use Comarch Cloud services
Comarch ERP Optima in service model is sold for the first time
X 2008
We created a portal for companies searching an accountant -
I 2010
We open an online trade gallery
Our offer in the internet of things trend: Comarch Beacon and Wszystko service launch

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