Business cloud for your company

Control your business anywhere, anytime, from any device.Use enterprise management systems without purchasing hardware, installing extra applications, or time-consuming deployments. Reduce your costs, including energy bills. Always use software compliant with the latest regulations.You can operate all Comarch ERP solutions within Comarch Cloud.

Access your enterprise management systems wherever you are. It’s a mobile and safe solution.

Joinover 35 000 companies using Comarch Cloud

Access your enterprise management systems wherever you are. It’s a mobile and safe solution.

Comarch Cloud service models

Comarch allows you to use all Comarch ERP systems and integrated applications within one of the three cCloud service models - Cloud Standard, Cloud Enterprise, and Cloud Hosting.We offer smart and versatile cCloud solutions for small, medium-sized, and large enterprises from different industries, in the form of a public and private cCloud products. Currently, after 20 years of a steady growth of the cloud computing business

Comarch ERP Systems

ERP systems are tools that optimize key business processes within a modern enterprise with regard to sales, accounting, finances, HR, inventory management, reporting, and many others. It is all based on the secure Comarch Cloud.

Work time and leaves

The field of HR, payroll and work time management is handled in Comarch Cloud through HR-dedicated applications.

Hosting and data backup

Automatic backup of business data and a dependable IT infrastructure, available as part of a subscription plan, is an essential element of the secure and certified Comarch Cloud offer.

Some of our clients

  • Oshee Poland

    Oshee uses Comarch IBARD to create backup copies of the most strategic company data.

  • BP Poland

    For BP Polska, we developed and implemented the Comarch IBARD Enterprise system project. Among other things, the system allows the securing of confidential data exchanged between gas stations, BP headquarters and dealers (business partners).

  • Inpost

    Cloud-based Comarch ERP solutions support some of the processes conducted by the postal service leader.

  • Autotesto

    We highly recommend the Comarch ERP XT application. Using this application is intuitive and simple, so it only takes a moment to issue an invoice.

  • Kreisel

    A Cloud-based solution, Comarch e-Sale helps this well-known manufacturer of building materials run online sales.

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