IT services for your company
Cloud solutions are becoming an essential component of the IT of a growing number of enterprises. In a world where a company cannot operate without latest technologies, providing services in a cloud model is a new way of creating and delivering IT resources.

Based on the resources needed in a company, there are different benefits to get - depending on options selected in cloud.

Dlaczego Hosting?

What does your company get by selecting solutions in that model?

Selecting IT solutions in a hosting model is a response to the needs of enterprises operating in a modern way. Within the hosting, the following is provided to customers by Comarch:
  • hardware platform hosted in Comarch Data Center (network and server layer) 
  • required third party licenses 
  • surplus access connections
  • technical support and service for software and hardware
  • administration services for applications and IT infrastructure
  • backup service
  • 24/7 monitoring and supervision over system elements as well as very short time of response/repair
  • availability of crucial customer systems at the rate of 99.95% within a year
Benefits for your company:

High quality of offered services

All hosting services are covered by an SLA agreement, which quarantees that services provided by Comarch are on the highest level.

Security and constant access to IT systems

There is more than only functionalities. When selecting a solution in hosting model, you should also focus on maximum protection for your data by choosing data centers which maintain high security levels.  

In Comarch Data Center, we process data of our customers in six sites located in Poland and other European countries. Geographical dispersion of server rooms allows us to offer IT services covering maintenance of information systems in high redundancy architecture (Disaster Recovery Center).

IT infrastructure - diversification of
technological partners

Comarch Data Center services are created based on solutions of leading manufacturers of network and server systems. We have 15 years of experience in providing data center services. During that time, we have developed strong partner relations with IT manufacturers and distributors.

In order to offer our customers top quality services which are delivered in a fast manner, we maintain high partner statuses in each technological segment with at least two providers of services. Owing to that, we can offer a hardware platform with optimal price as well as guarantee that deployments and service jobs are processed fast.

Scalability of the solution

A unique feature of the solution is the possibility to manage resources in a flexible way. Solutions offered in our hosting model can be easily scaled as customer's demand grows, because they operate on a platform designed to handle thousands of users.

High accessibility

Comarch's solution is highly accessible. There are no outages due to breakdowns and all services are available 24/7.

Cost reduction

Selecting Comarch's hosting model is a chance to reduce costs on many levels, e.g. if your company decides to develop its major business and does not want to invest in maintaining an IT department, the best way is to outsource it to professionals, Comarch in this case. Moreover, a company taking advantage of hosting does not have to bear high initial costs concerning purchase of the entire IT infrastructure necessary to run an application.
Price List
  Monthly fee
if basic SLA level is assumed
Rent of Infrastructure and Win Svr license
(charge for 1 user)
90,00 zł
Rent of Infrastructure, Win Svr license, RDS Svr and SQL Svr
(charge for 1 user)
120,00 zł
Additional fee for Comarch ERP BI module
(charge for 1 user)
35,00 zł
Additional fee for Customer Panel model
(monthly fee for variant)
120,00 zł
*minimum order value is 1000PLN

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