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For managing a medium or large enterprise whose character requires applying an individual approach, Comarch ERP Standard is the best solution. Our system is the perfect choice for service and trade companies as well as retail chains for which:
  • a standard ERP solution is not enough
  • it is necessary to support specific processes
  • handling of dispersed structures is an important factor
  • integration of the ERP system with company's own solutions or solutions of its customers/vendors is essential
Comarch ERP Standard is a complete solution for companies operating in retail business. It allows for handling processes taking place in a company's headquarters (Trade, Logistics, Accounting, HR, CRM), in points of sale (Backoffice, POS) as well as for managing the whole chain of stores. The system provides real benefits owing to possibility of partial or complete automation of many actions. The platform reflects a multi-language, multi-company and multi-currency approach and therefore, it can be adjusted to specific conditions in which international companies operate. Comarch ERP Standard is implemented in, among others, France, Poland, Germany and Austria. Innovativeness of the system has been awarded many times, e.g. on CeBIT expo in Hanover. FIND OUT MORE >>

Business Intelligence

Decisions made in an enterprise must be based on current information. So what to do if not lack of information is the problem but its overflow? In an average company, there is such an amount of data generated every day that the human mind is incapable of analyzing it on its own. That is why the Comarch ERP Standard platform has been equipped with Business Intelligence analytical tools which constitute an integral part of the system.

Business Process Management

The basic assumption in an ERP system's operation is processability of activities performed in a company. Each function in the system can be adjusted to the needs resulting from specific conditions in which companies from a given business branch operate. Comarch ERP Standard contributes to improvement of communication between employees but also with customers and vendors. Actions initiated by one of the users automatically imply a necessary reaction from other people participating in a given process. The system ensures that a given message is sent to the appropriate person and if necessary, launches the mechanism of notifications and alerts.

Trade management

Comarch ERP Standard is designed in a way to comprehensively support and streamline all trade processes carried out in a company, regardless of the character of its business activity.

Warehouse management

Comarch ERP Standard allows for specifying a warehouse management structure. It enables defining many warehouses which can be divided into separate logic sections. The platform monitors stock levels of resources stored in the created warehouses, taking into account orders, reservations and shortages. It also suggests most appropriate decisions which should be made by a user.


CRM is a tool designed for managing relations with customers and business partners. It provides readable registration of events concerning acquisition, support and cooperation with customers. Our CRM allows for collecting and managing complete information about customers as well as a later analysis of the gathered data.

Finances and Accounting

Our Comarch ERP Standard system supports the daily work of employees responsible in a company for accounting and finances. Possibilities provided by Comarch ERP Standard enable performing automatically many of the actions which earlier required user's interference. As a result, an accountant using Comarch ERP Standard works by managing the accounting than actually posting.


Comarch ERP Standard contributes to increasing the volume of sales by taking advantage of a wide range of possibilities the Internet brings. The platform includes e-commerce solutions which enable reaching new markets (Comarch ERP Webshop - online store system) and enhance relations with regular business partners as well as reduce costs concerning support provided for them (Comarch ERP Customer Panel). 

Mobile solutions

Comarch ERP Standard allows also for managing processes in mobile interfaces. Owing to Comarch ERP Mobile package, it is possible to provide comprehensive support for the work of employees, supervisors and managers by using mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, data collectors, etc.). Comarch ERP Mobile includes applications supporting crucial areas of a company's activity, that is sales (SFA), warehouse management, data backup and Business Intelligence analyses. FIND OUT MORE >>

Comarch Beacon - integration with Comarch systems

The new product in our range - Comarch Beacon - allows you to boldly enter the world of the "Internet of Things". The solution is completely compatible with other Comarch programs (Comarch ERP Standard, Comarch Retail, Comarch ERP Webshop, Comarch ERP Customer Panel). Simple and fast integration, almost like "plug & play", with other solutions delivered by Comarch allows reaching customers directly at the point of sale, generating traffic in a store and processing additional sales transactions while information about preferences of customers is gathered. FIND OUT MORE >>