Comarch EDI
Comarch EDI for effective communication with all your business partners 
Electronic Exchange of Data integrates an ERP system enabling exchange of trade, logistic and financial documents in standard format (EDIFACT, XML, CSV, etc.) and business partners (e.g. customers, vendors, logistics operators). It replaces paper copies and allows for automating the exchange. Orders, advice notes and invoices are most frequently exchanged documents. EDI can operate via various communication channels such as AS2, VAN, etc. or through Web EDI network, which is much easier to implement. 

Why Comarch EDI?

EDI enables fast return on investment owing to its numerous advantages:
  • Automated transferring of data
  • Control of electronic document exchange 
  • Reduction of number of errors related to entering of data manually 
  • Better monitoring of business activities 
  • Reduction of costs
  • Improved relations with partners
  • Optimization of processes in delivery chain 
  • Quick access to data, analyses and reports 
  • Subcontracting implementation of EDI to appropriate company so you can focus on the major aspect of your business  

Possibilities offered by Comarch EDI

Comarch EDI allows for:
  • Electronic exchange of documents with partners, regardless of technological advancement and their size 
  • Import and export of data directly from/to ERP systems  
  • Digitalization of invoices according to the low = 0 paper 
  • Complete report from the exchange, tools for monitoring exchanges 
  • Generating logistic labels with SSCC codes 
  • Accelerating business processes and completion of payments 
  • Expanding business into new markets, thanks to international platform 
  • Reducing costs of purchasing infrastructure, owing to platform offered in SaaS model 

Electronic invoicing

The result of digitalization of invoices in EDI is elimination of their paper version and fully electronic exchange of invoices with business partners. Comarch EDI e-Invoicing is compliant with European regulations and rules of use. The tool is one of 11 solutions certified in France by GS1 France in the range of digitalization in EDI. Invoices are archived and available 24/7/365 for 10 years on our servers, both for employees of partner companies and for tax inspectors. 

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