People managing a company perfectly know the value of information provided on time
The idea of controlling and on-going analyzing of all processes taking place in an enterprise is applied more and more often. Managers are becoming more dependent on such type of information. It allows monitoring a company on an ongoing basis and forecast, according to trends observed on the basis of historical data, what will happen in the future.
Owing to that, a manager can react more quickly to the arising threats and often even prevent them. However, the process of collecting and analyzing data can be a great challenge for a person. Appropriate information systems are designed to meet those needs by reducing the time for collecting and analyzing required data.


Business Intelligence tools and systems significantly streamline work of financial analysts, controllers or company management. They allow responsible persons to handle their actual tasks - managing or supporting management of a company, and not tedious preparing of reports.

Immediately available Business Intelligence reports enable carrying out daily analysis of sales, better management of payments or control of profitability and these are only some of the benefits.


We have developed BI solutions for 12 years as an integral part of Comarch ERP systems and they are already used by more than 3000 Comarch ERP customers. BI projects are executed on a turnkey basis in the entire world and our customers include, among others, BP, Sony, Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, Telekomunikacja Polska, Atlantic or Tauron Group.

By taking advantage of our experience and know-how, we decided to develop a completely new BI solution designed for small and medium companies owning ERP/AIS system not necessarily provided by Comarch, but which have not been using BI module for some reason.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Our solution called Comarch BI Cloud consists of ready to use BI reports and analyses developed by our specialists and available in Comarch Cloud, which help analyzing data from any source system. It is possible due to mechanisms contained in our solution, which allow for retrieving that data easily and uploading it to Comarch Cloud where it is analyzed right away.

Analysis can be used through a new, visually attractive reporting tool available via a Web browser - it provides insight into company's results at any time, from any place and device with Internet connection (laptop, tablet, smartphone).

Why BI in cloud?

It must be remembered that preparing reports requires short time access to considerable information resources. It can therefore be assumed that Business Intelligence solutions are perfectly suitable for work in a cloud environment, where large information resources are shared and everyone may use them in a scope satisfying his needs.

Dostęp do raportów z dowolnego miejsca na Ziemi

Access to reports from any place on Earth

Business Intelligence solution in Comarch Cloud allows accessing reports and obtained results of analyses from any place on Earth where Internet access is provided.

Starting from today, you no longer have to bother if making analyses does not impose too much load on systems in your office - let us do it for you in Cloud! You only need to upload appropriate data to the Cloud and in a short time, you receive a set of analyses which will allow you to supervise current situation of the company and help making decisions concerning its operation.
Architecture of the solutions
It suffices to upload data to the cloud, where it is processed and stored in already prepared dashboards and reports which are available for a customer via a Web browser.

Kluczowe obszary analiz

Comarch BI Cloud offers analyses of three areas crucial for a company:

Trade- whole sales of a company, purchase or orders are within one report or dashboard. Now you can make analyses with precision to invoice item!!
Logistics - control warehouse management on ongoing basis. Current and historical stock levels as well as stock levels at the end of month are now available in BI Cloud. In that model, you can also use data about sales and orders in order to analyse rotation and other indicators.
Payments - a module in which it is possible to create and store all payment documents, uncompleted current or historical payments. You can also check historical balances at the end of each month as well as all the processed deposits and withdrawals..

Exemplary reports you can take advantage of when using Comarch BI Cloud service:

  • Monthly Sales Trend
  • TOP 10 Customers
  • TOP 10 Items
  • Item Life Cycle
  • Average Margin on Item
  • Most Popular / Most Frequently Purchased Items
  • Monthly Purchase Trend
  • Customers with Highest Discounts
  • Current Stock Levels
  • Rotation reports
  • Warehouse movement reports
  • Receivable / payable aging structure reports
  • Historical data reports
  • Statement of greatest debtors / creditors
  • Manager dashboards with compiled information about customer or vendor / item / company 


Price List

BI – Point Open – access to the following analytical models: Trade, Payments, Logistics; possibility of uploading data from any system, also provided by a third party, with the use of extractor software.

Size of a database passed on for analysis cannot exceed 40 GB.

In case of number of users over 10, please contact us in order to receive an individual offer.

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