Comarch Retail
A dedicated solution for managing retail sales chains, starting from the chain's headquarters, through back office, to a POS - Point of Sale.
The product is designed for retail chains with dispersed structure. Its most important hallmark is full integration with ERP system: Comarch ERP Altum. Comarch Retail is an open system which means it allows for integration with other solutions.

Profound analysis of data

Managing a retail sales network from the headquarters level requires permanent access to information, both about the entire network as well as individual points of sale. Comarch Retail solution, owing to cooperation with Comarch ERP Altum, allows for a complete analysis of data with the use of Business Intelligence analytical tools.

Advanced management of stores

Basic functionalities supported by Comarch Retail include: stock replenishment processed by receipts of items, sending orders to the headquarters, conducting sales and providing customer service. Back office serves as a store's supply base, whose main task is to maintain the cooperation between points of sale and the company's headquarters. POS (Point of Sale)  is a front-office tool, responsible for providing direct customer service.

Retail & E-Commerce

Comarch ERP webshop is an application designed for managing an online store and it is directly integrated with Comarch Retail. The application enables presenting a commercial offer to a wide range of customers in an attractive way as well as allows for handling of orders submitted in the online store.

Access from any place at any time

Comarch Retail system cooperates with mobile solutions (operating on smartphones, tablets or data collectors) provided by Comarch and other manufacturers. It supports work of employees, supervisors and managers. Owing to mobile applications, it is possible to receive and send items to customers in an effective and fast manner, to carry out the entire sales process at customer's premises and take business decisions on the basis of Business Intelligence analyses and reports. FIND OUT MORE >>

Management of documents

Managing documents between a retail chain and its vendors is as important as managing documents inside the chain. Our Comarch Retail system cooperates with an electronic document exchange platform - Comarch EDI, which allows for eliminating paper orders or paper invoices, exchanged between a retail chain and its vendors, from the internal paper document flow.

Integration with Comarch ERP Altum

Comarch Retail is a modern solution which can be flexibly adjusted to the requirements of any business branch or company. One of the system features is its openness, that is the possibility of integration with other solutions. In its standard version, Comarch Retail is integrated with our Comarch ERP Altum system, which enables the handling of a retail sales network and managing other areas of a company at the same time. FIND OUT MORE >>

Comarch Beacon - Integration with Comarch systems

The new product in our offer - Comarch Beacon - allows you to boldly enter the world of the "Internet of Things". The solution is completely compatible with other Comarch programs (Comarch ERP Altum, Comarch Retail, Comarch ERP webshop, Comarch ERP Customer Panel). Simple and fast integration, almost like "plug & play", with other solutions delivered by Comarch allows for reaching customers directly at a point of sale, generating traffic in a store and processing additional sales transactions while information about preferences of customers is gathered. FIND OUT MORE >>